Porana Power Steering Ltd., Auckland

The power assist steering system is a great system, which reduces driver effort to steer the vehicle.  It contributes to the driver being able to operate the vehicle safely, easily and comfortably.  If your vehicle does not have power assist steering system, you may struggle to park your vehicle at the supermarket carpark.  Thanks to power steering, it is easy for us to park the vehicle into a tight car space.  

However, some components of the power steering system will weaken over time and become faulty.  When your power steering system fails, you can come and see us, we will get you back on the road as soon as possible by reconditioning your worn steering components.

The most common fault in the power steering system is a lack of fluid caused by a leak in either the rack / box, power steering pump or the hoses.


The hydraulic power steering system is a closed system, so the power steering fluid level in the reservoir should never change.  A drop off in the fluid level will indicate a leak in the system somewhere.  When the fluid level drops too far, the power steering pump will suck air into the system, and cause the pump to be noisy and the system to work eraticly.


You have another option that is to replace your faulty components with second-hand one, instead of our recondition one. However we do not recommend it, because leaks are mainly caused by aged deterioration of rubber components, such as rubber seals and o-rings inside the components.   The second-hand components, possibly used similar years or kilometers, may have started aged deterioration. Therefore, it might not last long.   We repair the power steering components by replacing rubber seals, o-rings or other parts. Also a shaft is polished to extend a life of rubber parts. 


If you suspect you have a leak or a problem with your steering, come and visit us for a free check and quote.  We are happy to help anytime!

testing reconditioned rack
testing reconditioned rack

All reconditoned steering racks are tested to make sure their operation and no

leaks so that you can install reconditioned power steering components without worries.